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MMLG has just learned of a serious issue affecting our previously scheduled September meeting this Saturday Sept 21 from 11AM to 1 PM at UNITED WAY OF MIAMI-DADE.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We’re working to make sure that all subsequent monthly meetings are able to take place as scheduled. We will notify everyone when we have the matter sorted out.

Again we’re very sorry for this disruption.

Thank you for your patience.

- Sandy Mielke, Vice President

 The next tri-county picnic will be at TY Park in Broward County on Sunday Sept 29 -pavilion # 9 from 10am to 4pm. (Take the SHERIDAN STREET EXIT westbound off I-95 in Hollywood.) This get-together of the Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Clubs will feature food –fun -fabulous values / minerals –gems –artisan jewelry. It's a potluck event –the three clubs supply meat entrees, and the attendees bring side dishes and/or desserts for all to share. Members will have gems, minerals, jewelry to swap or sell -we'll have Bingo and raffles with hobby-related prizes. Don’t miss it!

Yes, our new lapidary workshop is fully-equipped and up-and-running - for our dues-paid members. Please note – that last phrase is most important: for dues-paid members. Why? Because our $2 million comprehensive personal injury and property damage insurance coverage is in force only for our paid-up members. (Single membership is $15 per year, family $20.) Not sure if you’re paid up? Email us at “webguy@mmlg-inc.org” and we’ll let you know.

We’re still ironing out the kinks of the logistics. What that means is that, at least for the immediate future, all members wishing to use the equipment will go through a basic skills and safety session (regardless of previous experience level) before performing individual work with it. Because our Workshop Co-ordinator has limited hours of availability, all sessions will be scheduled by appointment only.

Any member wishing to get started with sessions needs to contact us by email

(at the above address), and we will verify membership status – and then

connect the member with the Workshop Co-ordinator.

There is no fee to use our MMLG workshop - it’s a membership benefit, and we will provide the initial material to be worked during the basic skills session.

     We look forward to a successful workshop!

 Our “beading workshop group” has been meeting regularly –sometimes twice-a-month. There’s been a slight pause recently due to unforeseen circumstances, but those semi-monthly Saturday sessions will resume shortly. There are some exquisite creations coming out of these sessions!