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We apologize for the disruption in our monthly meeting schedule.  There was a serious misunderstanding of the terms and conditions at our previous meeting site.  We have made arrangements at a new location.  We will meet at BETTER FAMILIES THROUGH TAE KWON DO ACADEMY in South Dade located at 6723 SW 81st St. Miami, FL 33143 just behind THE BIG CHEESE, a South Dade dining landmark.

Our next meeting will take place there on SUNDAY Oct 27 at 1 PM.

Please click on this text for our newsletter with map & directions.

Yes, our new lapidary workshop is fully-equipped and up-and-running - for our dues-paid members. Please note – that last phrase is most important: for dues-paid members. Why? Because our $2 million comprehensive personal injury and property damage insurance coverage is in force only for our paid-up members. (Single membership is $15 per year, family $20.) Not sure if you’re paid up? Email us at “webguy@mmlg-inc.org” and we’ll let you know.

We’re still ironing out the kinks of the logistics. What that means is that, at least for the immediate future, all members wishing to use the equipment will go through a basic skills and safety session (regardless of previous experience level) before performing individual work with it. Because our Workshop Co-ordinator has limited hours of availability, all sessions will be scheduled by appointment only.

Any member wishing to get started with sessions needs to contact us by email

(at the above address), and we will verify membership status – and then

connect the member with the Workshop Co-ordinator.

There is no fee to use our MMLG workshop - it’s a membership benefit, and we will provide the initial material to be worked during the basic skills session.

     We look forward to a successful workshop!

We’re getting back on track!